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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News

Murder mystery solved...

One of the greatest murder mysteries that involved someone from North Dakota, didn’t happen here at all, but took place in the community of Jackson’s Cove, Ontario.

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A long-lasting mystery...

No matter how many times people try to deny it, no matter how many organizations pass it off as a hoax and even though the U.S. military can’t confirm or deny it exists, the UFO phenomenon continues to surface.

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Weather mod battle ramps up...

For those of you who don’t live in western North Dakota, you might not know or keep close tabs on weather modification.

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Say hi to Wes Anderson...

Most communities, or at least counties, have some form of preservation of history. Some are bigger than others and are usually based on the historic population of said county.

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Getting a charge out of N.D...

There are 16 business places in North Dakota, including two Ford dealerships, that have figured out that oil isn’t going to last forever.

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A mecca for immigrants...

In 1861, Dakota Territory was organized and there was just a scattering of people from one end to the other.

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Prior world fascinating...

Last week I stumbled upon a Library of Congress website that showed pdf images of a newspaper that was once printed in Fort Yates called the Arrow.

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The official county newspaper...

As you go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for your favorite candidates, don’t forget to mark the box that states “Kenmare News” for official Ward County newspaper.

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Lamenting the one-room schoolhouse

Several weeks ago my first cousin and I got together for lunch in “The Finish Line,” bar and cafe in Velva.

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Where's the customer service?...

There’s a subject that comes up occasionally that tends to be a sore spot for some folks, but it keeps resurfacing so maybe something should be said and done about it.

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