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We are proud to announce our corporate sponsor for the 27th annual Kenmare GooseFest:


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Thank You, GooseFesters!

The 27th Annual GooseFest was another outstanding success. Thanks to the hospitality of the landowners, the generosity of those who donated artwork and prizes, the efficiency of all GooseFest Committees, and commitment of dozens of volunteers, and of course, to all who bought raffle tickets, participated in the activities, and had so much fun! Thanks everyone for another successful event!

--The GooseFest Committees and the Kenmare Association of Commerce

Congratulations to the 2015 Prize Winners:



2015 Chevrolet Silverado LS 1500 4x4 Ext Cab Pickup
Rod Fonder of Minot
Winning ticket sold by Morgan Page

Click here to read the Kenmare News article on Rod Fonder.

1st Prize - 2016 6'x12' Elite Fish House - John Melin, Kenmare
Sold by Jen Mau, Kenmare
2nd Prize - John Deere LZ25 Gun Safe - Tige Engelhard, Bismarck
Sold by Larry Melgaard, Kenmare
3rd Prize - Traeger Texas Pro Pellet Grill - Norlen Nelson, Minot
Sold by Mary Ann Melin, Kenmare



$500 - Bernie Feland, Bismarck
$500 - Ralph Wallot, Kenmare
$100 - Russel Rytter, Kenmare
$100-  Richard Anderson, Kenmare
$100 - Adrian Hansen, Kenmare
$100 - Lynette Campbell, Kenmare
$100 - Del Rasmusson, Kenmare
$100 - Lyle Lesmann, Landa
$100 - Scott Ness, Kenmare
$100 - Kyle Hass, Bowbells
$100 - Ty Jesz, Kenmare
$100 - Skip Wing, Stanley



1st Place - won Rem. 1187 shotguns. Eric Sieg, Mike Schmaltz, LJ Dusek, Kelly Schmaltz. (They shot 18 snows, 20 honkers for 150 points).
2nd Place - won Big Foot Goose Decoys. Doug Miller, Blaine Huff, Gerad Mellum, Eric Seykora. (They shot 22 snows, 2 honkers for 116 points).
3rd Place - won 30" smokers. Lance Trihub, Lonnie Hornberger, Andy Elberg, Tyler Mollerud. (They shot 2 snows, 13 honkers for 49 points).
4th Place - won laydown Blinds. Scott Swain, Travis Bozer, Dave Peterschick, Joel Hollwegner. (They shot 14 honkers).
5th Place - won Shell bags. Arlen Gartner, Clint Voltz, Chad Gartner, Jim Williams. (They shot 2 snows, 9 honkers).

Other Prize Winners- Big Goose to Eric Sieg team (6.45 lbs) won $250; Small Goose to Scot Ness team (3.85 lbs.) won $250. Loser Out: Joe Sedevie team, winning $125. Checker drawing: Al Kohler and Tommy Nelson each won $250.

Total birds for the day: 61 snows, 128 honkers

Two Person Fun Shoot Winners

1st Place - Tanner Egeberg and Levi Goettle. (shot 12 honkers, 9 mallards)
2nd Place - Scott Jensen and Ryan Aufforth. (shot 16 honkers, 3 mallards)
3rd Place - Rick Helming and Jerod Helming. (shot 16 honkers, 1 mallards)
Only two snow geese were shot by all of the teams.

Youth Shotgun (Stoeger 20 ga.) winner - 16 & under: Oliver Mason.
Shotgun (Stoeger 12 ga.) winner - age 17-20: Kyler Melby.
Shotgun (Stoeger 12 ga.) winner - 21 & over: Jamie Zietz.


Bird Hunting Contest drawing (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Travis Holmes.
Green Head: Connor Gorge.
Honker: Clint Voltz.

Each won binoculars.


1st Place - Lance Kalmbach, Joe Staael (Bourban Ham Balls)
2nd Place - Stacey Lautenschlager, Pam Melby (Brisket)
3rd Place - Tawnya Gill, Kaleb, Jorgia, Gavin (Bacon Candy, three ways)



1st Place
- Mardi Gras Party Gras - Sheila Burns, Donna Henderson, Barb Henderson, Shelly Pullen, Cathie Mesheski 2nd Place - Mama Bears Chili - Alex Hennix, Kyle Hennix, Laura Miller, Natalie Tuchscherer.
3rd Place - Average Joes - Stacey Hedberg, Brea Sieme, Kristen Hass, Jessica Swenson, Melissa Hase.
4th Place - Quarter Pound Chili - Rick Harris, Ron Kalmbach, Glen Fritz, Mark Fritz.
5th Place - Melin Farms- Linda Melin, Stacey Lautenschlager, Pam Melby
Best of Show - The Great Chili Debate - Natasha Christianson, Nicole Michalenko, Laura Williams, Courtney Kallis, Dustin Sailor.


Texas Hold’em Winners: (out of 54 players)

1st Place - Jason Zeltinger, Kenmare, won $1600.
2nd Place - Terry Johnson, Kenmare, won $1600.
3rd Place - Marlyn Froseth, Kenmare, won $730.
4th Place - Sharlet Jensen, Kenmare, won $520.
5th Place - Ken Hood, Oxbow, Sask, won $410.

6th Place - Gary Peterson, Berthold, won $330.
7th Place - Sonny Lehman, Rugby, won $250.


Bird Hunting Contest drawing: (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Travis Holmes.
Green Head: Mike Holmes.
Honker: Cameron Bartuska.
Each won binoculars.


Congrats to the 2014 Calcutta Winners!

Bought team placing 1st - won $2,208 - Tom Mau (bought team for $375)
Bought team placing 2nd - won $1,380 - Blaine Huff (bought team for $275)

Bought team placing 3rd - won $1,104 - Lonnie Hornberger (bought team for $125)
Bought team placing 4th - won $552 - (Brandon Nelson bought team for $250)
Bought team placing 5th - won $276 - Monte Brekhus (bought team for $250).

Total of $6,900 wagered. $5,520 awarded to winning teams.


BB Gun Shoot Winners of BB guns

Charlotte Brekhus, Laila Christianson, Eli Anderson. BB guns donated by GooseFest.