Kenmare ND - GooseFest Winners

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Corporate Sponsors


We are proud to announce our corporate sponsors for the 29th annual Kenmare GooseFest:


Thank You, GooseFesters!

The 29th Annual GooseFest was another outstanding success. Thanks to the hospitality of the landowners, the generosity of those who donated artwork and prizes, the efficiency of all GooseFest Committees, and commitment of dozens of volunteers, and of course, to all who bought raffle tickets, participated in the activities, and had so much fun! Thanks everyone for another successful event!

--The GooseFest Committees and the Kenmare Association of Commerce

Congratulations to the 2017 Prize Winners:


2017 Chevrolet Silverado 4X4 1500 LS Double Cab Pickup
Bonnie & Shane Farstveet, Kenmare
Winning ticket sold by Larry Nore, Kenmare

1st Prize - 2017 Yamaha Fleet Golf Car - Gary Brookins, Kenmare
Sold by Karla McEvers

2nd Prize - John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mower - Amber Uran, Kenmare
Sold by Amber Uran


$500 - Nora Rasmussen, Kenmare 
$500 - Craig Osterloh, Marvin, SD
$100 - Bruce Hanson, Kenmare
$100-  Jenny Boehm, Minot
$100 - Delaney Golde, Kenmare
$100 - Chuck Hooker
$100 - Rick Owings, Lignite
$100 - Mike Craft
$100 - Allen Ackerman, Kenmare
$100 - Bob Koelzer, Garrison
$100 - Randy Bailey
$100 - Elaine Gartner, Kenmare


1st Place - won Mossberg 3-1/2" semi-auto shotguns. Eric Sieg, LJ Dusek, Lucas Dusek, Kelly Schmaltz (They shot 4 honkers, 88 snows for 513.25 lbs.). 

2nd Place - won Savage 17 HMRs. Brock Zietz, Eric Zietz, Josh Zietz, Lance Zietz (They shot 51 snows for281.17 lbs.).

3rd Place - won electric smokers. Joe Sedevie, John Votava, Jason Votava, Richard Votava (They shot 46 nows for 247.60 lbs.).

4th Place - won Honker Decoys. Jason Session, Matt Lindlet, Devin Dorval, Kirk Hawkinson. (They shot 2 honkers, 29 snows for 199.60 lbs.).

5th Place - won Leathermans. Arlen Gartner, Clint Voltz, Chad Gartner, Jimmy Williams. (They shot 3 honkers, 29 snows for 199.60 lbs).

Other Prize Winners- Big Goose to Ben Nordloef's team (7 lbs) won $250; Small Goose to Gary Hansler's team (2.05 lbs.) won $250. Loser Out: Ben Nordloef's team, winning $100. Checker drawing: Brandon Undhjem and Luke Hennessy each won $50.

Total birds for the day: 462 snows, 39 honkers

Two Person Fun Shoot Winners

1st Place - Jace Helmers & Tanner Egeberg.
Youth Shotgun (Stoeger 20 ga.) winner - 16 & under: Andrew Christensen
Shotgun (Stoeger 12 ga.) winner - age 17-20: Bryan Dye.

Bird Hunting Contest drawing (Random Drawing from entries):

Snow Goose: Dakota Peterson
Green Head: Jeff Dahlin
Honker: Blaine Huff

Each won binoculars.


People's Choice Award: Liver's Drive In $100 - Sandy Livingston, and Jamie, Heather, Jacob and Brooke Livingston
1st Place -Lance Kalmbach & Joe Staael $500 (Ribs)
2nd Place - McBride's $300 (Mac's Ruddy Duck Wings)
3rd Place -Judy & Larry Nore $200 (Bacon Tots with cheese dip) 


Movie Tickets: 
Madison Madrid, Paul Melin, Jeremiah Mitchell, Connor Melin, Ava Froseth

Kenmareoply Games: Derrick Handeland, Adallen Rowe


1st Place
- Rivalry Chili - Erica Tolento, Karla McEvers, Brittany Levtzow, Del Rasmusson, Larry Melgaard
2nd Place -  I (Heart) Chili-
3rd Place - 1/4 Pound Chili - Ron Kalmbach, Lance Kalmbach, Rick Harris
4th Place - Go To Town Chili - Nel Rasmussen, Becky Gilseth, DuWayne Gilseth
5th Place - Fun Time Chili - Stacie Hedberg, Marissa Haase, Jessica Swenson, Kristen Hass, Brea Seime, Kelly Schumacher, Keely Heidel


Best of Show - Fun Time Chili - Stacie Hedberg, Marissa Haase, Jessica Swenson, Kristen Hass, Brea Seime, Kelly Schumacher, Keely Heidel


Texas Hold’em Winners: 

1st Place - D.R. Davies, Minot.
2nd Place - Kyle Simpson, Minot.
3rd Place - Ronald Olson, Upham. 
4th Place - Jeff Kalmbach, Flaxton.
5th Place - Leroy Becker, Anamoose.
6th Place - Paul Jair, Bismarck.
7th Place - Bryan Gustafson, Stanley.
8th Place - Mack Montgomery, Minot.
9th Place - Kirk Harris, Kenmare.
10th Place - Michael Bintliff, New Town. 


Congrats to the 2017 Calcutta Winners!

Bought team placing 1st - won $4,744 - Keith Thelen (bought team for $1550)
Bought team placing 2nd - won $2,965 - Brock Zietz (bought team for $300)
Bought team placing 3rd - won $2,372 - John Votava (bought team for $700)
Bought team placing 4th - won $1,186 - Jason Session (bought team for $175)
Bought team placing 5th - won $593 - Tom Mau (bought team for $550)

Total of $14,825 wagered. $11,860 awarded to winning teams.


BB Gun Shoot Winners:

Age 6 & 1st Grade: Ayla Anderson 1st; Sailor Matejovsky 2nd; Kenna Aufforth 3rd.
Age 7: Jake Mau 1st; Logan Peterson 2nd; Matthew Harris 3rd.
Age 8: Eli Anderson 1st; Brickston Holter 2nd; Kiley Whillock 3rd.
Age 9: Colton Lerohl 1st; Carson Gartner 2nd; Britton Matejovsky 3rd.
Age 10: Brooklyn Raines 1st; Gage Holter 2nd; Kyleigh Keller 3rd
Age 11: Kendra Ware 1st; Grace Ones 2nd; Shae Jensen 3rd.
Age 12: Abbey Kohler 1st; Morgan Blomquist 2nd; Diontreau Anderson 3rd.
Age 13: Derrick Handeland 1st; Elizabeth Moldenhauer 2nd. 

BB Gun Shoot Winners of BB guns

Kaylin Moldenhauer, Presley Zeltinger, Maddox Lotvedt, Morgan Blomquist, Tygen Michalenko
    BB guns donated by GooseFest (3) and Jesse and Bree Raines (2)