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Religious Organizations

Church of the Nazarene

902 Central Ave N
Kenmare, ND


9:45am - Sunday School
11:00am - Worship


St. Agnes - Kenmare / St. Anthony - Donnybrook / St. Joseph - Bowbells/

Father Joseph Chipson

Mon-Fri - 9am, Kenmare Mass
Sat - 5pm, Mass : 1st and 3rd Sunday, Donnybrook; 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday, Bowbells.
Sun - 9am, Kenmare Mass; 11am Mass: 1st & 3rd Sun, Bowbells; 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sun, Donnybrook.


Faith Baptist Church

316 8th Ave NE
Kenmare, ND

Dr. John R. Fetterhoff

Wed - 6:30am, Men's Bible Study at Pizza Hub;
Wed - 6:30pm AWANAS;
Fri - 9am, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Sun - 9:45am, Sunday School
Sun - 11am, Morning Worship (Lord's Supper observed)
Sun - 6pm, Sunday Evening Worship
Sun - 7pm, Youth Group Meeting


Faith_Baptist_Church.jpg Image

Nazareth Lutheran Church

PO Box 205
Kenmare, ND


Pastor John Syvertson

Mon - 2:00pm, Quiliting
Sun - 9:00am, Worship Service


Church_of_the_Nazarene.jpg Image

United Methodist Church

Kenmare, ND / Donnybrook

Pastor Kathy Hammond

Sun - 9:45am, Worship at the Senior Center (Kenmare)
3rd Wed - 2:00pm, UMW
Sun - 11:00am, Worship (Donnybrook)


Spiritual Life Christian Fellowship



Thurs - 7:00pm, Meeting at Quilt Inn


Bethlehem - Elmdale - Trinity "United as one Lutheran Parish"

Pastor Cole Bentley


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Missouri Synod

Tolley, ND

Rev. Michael Swofford

Sun - April 7-11, Worship at Trinity


Sherwood area Lutheran Parish Evangelical, Tolley; Evanger, Rural Kenmare;

Tolley / Rural Kenmare

Sun - 8:30am, Worship at Evanger
Sun - 10:00am, Worship at Tolley Evangelical