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This has to stop? ...

Posted 12/08/15 (Tue)

A BBC reporter told a British TV audience Wednesday night, “It’s just another day in the United States of fear, chaos and panic.”

He was speaking, of course, of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that left at least 14 dead and another 21 wounded.

Sounding more like a Dan Rather report out of Vietnam than a routine Wednesday afternoon in southern California, authorities remain puzzled by the events of yet another tragedy involving an attack on innocent people using weapons and explosives.

All of America is asking why? Why did this happen again in a presumably easy going neighborhood to people who have no connection to terrorism.

This is happening far too often and we can’t continue to sidestep the issue.

The media was real careful about calling this an act of terrorism until President Obama’s Sunday night speech.It was terrorism. Call the kettle black.

To stockpile 6,000 rounds of ammunition and to destroy computer hard drives are good indicators of a terrorist’s method of operation.

This husband and wife team were dressed in SWAT clothing, carried high-powered rifles and had clandestine bombs.

That tells you the guy, who worked at the county building where the violence occurred, wasn’t just an agry employee.

This act, just like the Boston Marathon bombing, was carefully planned out. He cased the Christmas party, saw the opportunity, left and returned with his wife and an arsenal.

Thank goodness the police were able to “riddle” the getaway SUV with bullets and kill both terrorists, like lawmen “riddled” John Dillinger’s car with bullets after a bank robbing spree in the 1930s.

But these people appear to want death brought upon them. They could care less about getting away, helping their wounded comrades or seeking out a formidable opponent. The pattern appears to be one attack and die in that attack.

Essentially, it’s a kamikaze mission, but at least the Japanese targeted U.S. war ships, not innocent civilians like these cheap pieces of trash are doing.

Perhaps a better fate for terrorists would be incarceration like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He’s going to rot in prison and like the judge who sentenced him said, he will never hear birds chirp again.

Nor will he be able to commit suicide in prison. He is in solitary confinement and under constant watch for the rest of his life. At 19, that should give him plenty of time to think about what he did in Boston.

The San Bernardino bombers knew exactly what they were doing and they purposely targeted innocent civilians to create some kind of impact of fear on the American people.

Just like the situation in Paris. Inflict fear on people who don’t want conflict. Cause pain to those who don’t deserve it. Draw more people into the war.

So how is this going to stop? When is it going to stop? Who’s going to stop it? And who do we blame, Obama, Muslims or the mechanic at Jiffy Lube?

There has to be some kind of action and gun control isn’t the answer.

Thugs who carries out a San Bernardino style attack are going to get weapons and explosives whether there is gun control or not. The Internet is the answer.

Some people are suggesting disabling of the Internet.  I wouldn’t go that far, but material that so much as suggests terrorism on the Internet needs to be blocked.

More than 3,800 kamikaze pilots preferred death over capture or defeat. To them capture and defeat meant shame. Today’s terrorist doesn’t understand the meaning of that word.

But, 60 or 70 years in a moldy prison cell with no human contact should help get that message across.

We can all ponder these sensless acts but maybe we should use Revolutionary War tactics to bring in the element of surprise.

We enlist spies, Muslim spies to blend in with the population, but before you call  this racial profiling, it would be a clever way to get to the root of this problem.

And when they are discovered and captured, they should be sent to a place like Guantanamo Bay, the next best place to hell. Then that should be sensationalized by the media, not the tragedy itself.

Spies, reverse propaganda, public education on terrorism, vigorous screening and perhaps even interrogation for those going to or coming from the Middle East should begin to demoralize them. Gun control isn’t the answer.