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Remember Christopher Stevens...

Posted 4/14/15 (Tue)

Last Sunday (April 12) Hillary Clinton officially announced she is running for the nation’s highest office and wants to be the first female president in American history.

All four of the Sunday morning network news programs carried the message that “Hillary is announcing her candidacy today.”

This comes after months of media chat, TV, newspapers, Internet, about who is going to run against Hillary.

The media is missing the entire point of all this. The media, which I’ve been a part of my entire adult life, is missing the biggest point of this entire announcement and it can be boiled down to one word – Benghazi.

The U.S. media apparently has forgotten that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in the Benghazi attack, along with three other Americans.

An ambassador is a high-level position in the U.S. government and he was killed on Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Does that not mean anything to the news networks?

Secretary of State at the time, Sept. 11, 2012, Clinton has gone to great lengths to keep Benghazi from the public.

Her blatant disregard for the truth about what happened, how elements of a cover up have surfaced, how Clinton hasn’t mentioned the name Christopher Stevens not even once; just who the hell does Hillary Clinton think she is?

It would have been far better for her to swallow that bitter pill and admit the mistake to the Democratic Party and to the American people.

My question is, if this happened while Clinton was Secretary of State, what else happened and what is going to happen, if we assume, she becomes president?

This is why I’ve jokingly told my friends numerous times that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, I’m moving to Canada.

That may not be so far from reality because I don’t know about you, but this train wreck is going to be far worse than Lac-Megantic.

Every president from Washington to Obama, has faced crises, some worse than others, but the person in this position has to regularly make decisions that affect 318 million people.

Just look at history in the last 100 years: 1918, a world war wipes out one-third of Europe’s population, 1929, the stock market crash and Great Depression, 1932, the Dust Bowl, 1939, Hitler invades Poland, 1945 atomic bomb dropped on Japan, 1972, Nixon orders the bombing of North Vietnam, 1993, Operation Desert Storm and 2001, the World Trade Center goes down.

What kind of a decision maker do you think Hillary Clinton would be in any of those situations? She obviously made the wrong decision regarding Benghazi in a very big way. This nation deserves answers because she is a public official.

I don’t claim to be affiliated with either political party and this may upset many Democrats, but does this party, that produced Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter, want someone who disregards four patriots, to lead their party, and ultimately, lead their nation?

I would be willing to bet there are few military people anywhere who will vote for leadership based on the secrecy of the Benghazi scandal.

Think of major Democratic states and that they all have major military reservations; California, New Jersey, Maryland, New York; heavily populated states with large military populations. They already understand Hillary Clinton would be the poorest leader since Ulysses Grant.

But the problem remains the people who will vote for Clinton, no matter what, because she is female, because they are naive to her shenanigans or because they don’t care.

I could think of 100 Democrats who would be better candidates than Hillary Clinton. Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, former North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad, Vice President Joe Biden and former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer all quickly come to mind.

I’m pretty sure I could trust Brian Schweitzer or Charlie Crist. I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton as far as I could throw her.

It all comes down to one word – Benghazi, and what happened there that got Ambassador Stevens, and three others killed.

They were Americans and they deserve to be respected for their sacrifice. Hillary Clinton never metions them. She doesn’t even respect them in death. Do we want a commander-in-chief like that?

So when you go to vote in November 2016, just think about Christopher Stevens before casting your ballot.