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ISIS recruiting outside the box...

Posted 9/06/16 (Tue)

There’s something very disturbing happening in the War on Terror that’s hardly getting any attention so perhaps it’s time to bring this information to the surface.

Several weeks ago the FBI tipped off the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about a “person of interest” who they thought was plotting to explode some kind of device in a public place.

So the RCMP moved into Strathroy, Ontario, a small town near Kitchener, and just as they were arriving, a guy is in a taxi cab and sets off a bomb, simultaneously, he is shot and killed by the Mounties.

Consequently, if the bomb or RCMP bullets didn’t kill the suspect, he had a second explosive device that he was apparently ready to use, according to an RCMP press release.

Seems like a cut-and-dried terrorist plot that is essentially a modern-day kamikaze mission.

But here’s the disturbing part of this and it isn’t the fact that the cops shot this guy dead. The disturbing part is the fact that this guy, Aaron Driver, 24, wasn’t Muslim. He was caucasian and brought up in a Christian environment.

What’s even more disturbing is that he was in court in Winnipeg in February to face charges of being sympathetic to the cause of ISIS. He was released on a peace bond and after he was killed, his lawyer said he was a low risk to do anything like this.

But he made the attempt and fortunately law enforcement headed him off before he caused real carnage.

As that case has unfolded, it’s been learned that his plan was to either walk into a shopping center and blow himself up or go into Toronto’s Pearson Airport and set off his device.

So why would anyone want to do this to their own people and sypathize with a radical organization that has done zero good in the world?

Two conclusions can be drawn from this incident. No. 1, this guy held a grudge against somebody, was using ISIS as a crutch and was going to make everybody in Ontario pay for it. This would be a lot like Timothy McVey who held a grudge against the Army so he blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City.

No. 2, Driver was actually influenced by ISIS and at some point in time had been brainwashed.

That’s really what we need to be watching out for nowadays. We hear Donald Trump, almost on a daily basis, bashing Muslims, placing a ban on them entering the United States and interrogating them.

He’s partially correct because most of the mass killings in the United States, and Canada, have been linked to Muslims.

However, this time it’s different. This time it’s your neighborhood kid, who for whatever reason, decided he would be better off dead than alive.

How could this guy have been stopped otherwise? He could have been jailed because he was already a known sympathizer and because he was posting Internet messages about ISIS.

That should have been red flag enough to lock this guy up and throw away the key. Anyone, no matter who it is, if they are sypathetic to the enemy, they should be detained.

Call him a prisoner of war if you want, but any message that would be in the enemy’s favor is an act of treason.

We did this in World War I with the communists. We did it in World War II with the Japanese and just the other day, two guys on Long Island, N.Y., were arrested for possessing Nazi memoribilia.

It’s been 70 years since Hitler went down and people are still getting arrested. That’s how dangerous the Third Reich was.

That’s how dangerous ISIS is today and anyone affiliated with that organization must be stopped because we all know what the outcome is going to be otherwise.

I’ve said this before, but the west is going to have to spit out reverse propaganda because it’s propaganda on the Internet that is getting people like Aaron Driver influenced.

To counter, shouldn’t the FBI, the RCMP and Scotland Yard let the world know what ISIS is really like, how they operate and what they plan to do after taking territory?

The media doesn’t say enough about what is going on with ISIS. In reality, they are being blown into oblivion as Ted Cruz suggested we do several months ago.

More than 37,000 dead in 11 months, numerous supply lines and financing completely destroyed, yet some idiot in a small town in Ontario thinks he’s going to win the war. It’s very disturbing.