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By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News


ISIS needs to be stopped, now...

Posted 12/02/14 (Tue)

There’s no doubt propaganda is fueling a blatant disregard for human life in the Middle Eastern desert.

Somehow the people who make up this group of hoodlums we call ISIS, have come to understand social media and television and  use it to their full advantage.

It’s apparent now that most of the foreign fighters joining ISIS are sucked into the propaganda trap that glorifies this caliphate against the rest of humanity.

The frightening part of this is how quickly ISIS grew last summer to be 30,000 strong after al-Qaeda was beaten to a pulp.

With no country, no government, no obvious leaders or military discipline, these “militants” are really nothing more than lost sheep running around the desert with loaded weapons in Toyota pickups.

Perhaps somebody inside ISIS was smart enough to realize the United States and coalition forces would eventually inflict heavy casualties, which may be why ISIS turned up the propaganda paraphernalia a notch.

Consider this. U.S. airstrikes are taking out strategic buildings and communications equipment daily and if anybody is inside those buildings, oh well!

The Air Force isn’t looking for mass casualties, but if there is a target of opportunity, look out bad guys. Rather, the objective is to destroy the infrastructure so the jihadists can’t march.

But they are and somehow more people keep showing up in Syria to join ISIS? In a recent development, however, other foreign fighters are joining Kurdish forces in Iraq to help beat ISIS back.

ISIS volunteers are coming from all over the world including the United States. You’ll recall the three high school girls from Denver who were stopped and turned around in the Franfurt, Germany airport. They were on their way to Syria to join ISIS.

One thing Syria could do to regain respect in the world is to scrutinize everyone who attempts to enter that country. Perhaps a lot of would-be terrorists could be jolted there before joining the cause.

But what really is the cause? Take over Syria and Iraq and then move into Egypt and Libya? Rather, control the Middle East and North Africa? Run over the top of anyone who gets in the way? Does anybody really know?

One thing is certain. Propaganda is fanning this flame which is allowing ISIS to continue recruiting.

Does it all appear familiar? Have you heard about something like this before? Perhaps you read about it in a history book?

This is exactly how Adolph Hitler built Nazi Germany so quickly. It is well documented that Nazi propaganda was one of the stronger points of Hitler’s war machine.

He used it to his full advantage, just like ISIS is doing now. You’d think ISIS is taking its strategy right out of “Mein Kampf,” Hitler’s manifesto for the future of Germany.

Unfortunately for Hitler, the Third Reich, which he said would endure 1,000 years, lasted 12 years, but not before Europe, parts of Russia and the Mediterranean were nearly destroyed.

This is likely how ISIS will have to be destroyed. We’ll do whatever it takes to stop the push before ISIS moves into Turkey, Egypt or worse yet, Israel.

The propaganda needs to be neutralized, finances need to be frozen and these terrorists need to be destroyed in their tracks.

When President Obama was in Australia for the G20 Summit, he called ISIS pure evil, after learning of the beheading of Peter Kassig.

Who is barbaric enough to do something like that, especially someone who practices Islam like Kassig did? Do a little research on ISIS. Its disregard for human life is just incredible.

Kassig’s killing shows there is no discipline, there is no integrity and I would bet everything that most of the people sucked into the propaganda trap, don’t really know what they are fighting for.

U.S. intelligence reports are beginning to suggest in-fighting and that separate factions of ISIS are beginning to break off and carrying out their own agendas.

At some point in time, these splinter groups are going to get blown to pieces also. At some point in time, ISIS recruits are going to figure out that getting blasted into pieces in the desert isn’t the best career path.

But in the meantime, propoganda is the biggest issue.

World TV networks, including Al Jazeera, are minimizing or no longer televising ISIS propaganda. That’s a good start and, in addition to dropping bombs, that will stop ISIS or slow it to a crawl.