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Immigration run amok

Posted 8/18/15 (Tue)

We’ve all studied the history of the United States and understand that from 1865 through 1924, this country was the “melting pot,” or the “land of milk and honey.”

Immigrants, mostly from Europe, streamed into the United States for a better life, a chance to homestead on the prairie, or for other reasons such as medical, academia or other professions such as architects.

These immigrants, who came from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Austria, China, England, France, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Korea and Finland, as well as other countries, helped build the United States to what it is today.

If you take a look at New York City; who do you think built those skyscrapers? Think about the coast to coast railroad. Who do you think built it? The Norwegians, Germans, Icelanders and Swedes came to the barren plains to build up what has become some of the best farmland on the face of the earth.

And you and I are the direct descendents of those immigrants and we know full and well what they did through our family histories.

My grandparents came to the U.S. from Switzerland in 1920 and from Russia in 1893. I remember my Swiss grandparents not wanting to teach us German, because even in the 1960s, they were afraid they would be sent back to Europe even though they had long been naturalized U.S. citizens.

They spoke German at home, but didn’t want to teach us German because to them, in the United States, English was the chosen language.

The Icelanders, who came to North Dakota and built the community of Mountain, in Pembina County, were often afraid to showcase their language or culture because of fear of reprisal. Their church was their Icelandic sanctuary and outside that, they were Americans in every way.

The French, who weren’t really immigrants, but explorers, essentially started a race of people called the Metis after living amongst the Chippewa for 200 years. Officially recognized as an Indian tribe in Canada, there are numerous Metis living in northeastern North Dakota.

If you are interested, the Pembina State Museum has a lot of information about the Metis, some of the most productive and forward thinking people in early Dakota.

 Somehow the psyche of immigrants in the United States changed. California’s coffers are drained because of so many undocumented, Mexican immigrants on the dole.

Recently, my wife and I spent a couple of weeks in Tucson, Ariz., and while there we came to understand there are enclaves of illegal Mexicans in the desert between Phoenix and Tucson demanding the U.S. government help them.

To me, it’s pretty simple, they aren’t American citizens, they aren’t documented immigrants and they have no intention of following the same rules our grandparents did when they came here.

There was a time in recent years, I don’t know if this is happening any longer, but all you had to do was show up at the beginning of the month at the Clay County Courthouse (Moorhead, Minn.,)  and claim your welfare check.

It was the most liberal method of welfare any of us could possibly imagine and as that word got out, the lines at the courthouse grew.

There is something drastically wrong with that, Minnesota!!

Have you ever looked at emmigrating to another country? I have; Canada, Australia and New Zealand, just in case Hillary Clinton becomes president. In all three countries, you must be documented, you need some kind of sponsorship or guardian and here’s the big one, you have to demonstrate that you can live in any of these three countries without requiring government resources.

In contrast, why has the United States allowed even one cent of our tax dollars to support undocumented immigrants?

I understand very well that it’s difficult to patrol the entire Mexican border. Illegals are going to sneak in. That’s going to happen.

But what do you suppose would happen if I decided to sneak into any place of business, any home or into Canada, Australia or New Zealand? It would either be jail or deportation.

So why don’t these illegal aliens have to follow the same rules? If they come here documented, great, let’s welcome them just like we welcomed the “tired and the poor” as the inscription on the Statue of Liberty states.

If not, they need to go back where they came from because they’ll break the United States like they did California.