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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News


Customer Service is paramount...

Posted 11/20/13 (Wed)

It’s been two plus weeks now since I came to work in Kenmare and have been finding some pleasant surprises as I’ve poked around town.

Ilene and I have lived in Carpio the past 10 years but seldom was Kenmare our destination. Jobs, business, government, entertainment; just about everything caused us to gravitate toward Minot.

That’s going to change and I’ll tell you why.

On my first day here I stopped at Central Automotive because of a heater problem in my vehicle. My assumption was that if I get on a list, it might get done by the time bitter cold sets in.

I was quite surprised to find that Casey Bennett told me to bring it in the next morning and he would diagnose the problem and work on a resolution.

He has since ordered the necessary part and replaced the faulty piece, but also told me how and why.

This is excellent customer service. Being new in town, Casey didn’t know me from Adam. He’s helping another customer to better his business and it’s this customer who appreciates that service.

During my first week, I hadn’t established any routines so I took it upon myself to take lunch break at the various dining spots in Kenmare.

They’ve all been better than I expected, but one, in particular, went above and beyond to make sure they had another satisfied customer.

The Cenex convenience store has a number of sandwiches, as well as hamburgers and other lunch items.

I decided on a hamburger and as I made some small talk, the young lady, who was there to make sub sandwiches, volunteered to put extra toppings on it for my convenience.

Yes, another surprise to me, but she was helping another customer get satisfaction that brings them back after making a purchase. It’s certainly going to take me back.

I bring these two instances up because having been familiar with Minot for a decade now, it has changed a great deal and customer service in some locations has gotten so bad, I don’t ever want to do business with some of these so-called merchants.

Many Minot businesses still believe in strong customer service, but there are some that need a serious attitude adjustment.

The clincher for me was in a mall store. The cashier didn’t make eye contact, didn’t ask me if I found everything, no joking, no fun in the workplace, just scanned the product and said “$13.10.”

Then, she handed me a receipt and didn’t say a word such as Thank you or come again. Nothing. It’s appalling and I will do everything in my power to avoid that business in the future.

Customer service is paramount and it shows in Kenmare, at least as far as I can see. Longtime residents might be used to it but it’s certainly refreshing for a newcomer to see it every day.

That’s going to keep me coming back to Kenmare businesses. Employees are working hard to keep their customers satisfied. I have a choice where I make purchases, and my choice is now Kenmare because of the customer service.