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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News


Are we finally getting the edge? ...

Posted 2/23/16 (Tue)

I caught a 30-second TV news segment recently that suggested that in the past seven months Twitter has shut down 125,000 accounts related to the ISIS terrorist group.

On one day last April, 10,000 ISIS accounts were shut down, so the CEO of Twitter has had death threats against him for slamming the door to the social network.

So this is at least one way they communicate. This is how they are brainwashing young people throughout the world.

It’s ironic that an entire ideology forbidding anything to do with the modern world, is using modern technology for recruiting.

Apparently, there is a team of people working at Twitter who do nothing more than analyze Twitter feeds, scouring the messages that might indicate a link to the terrorist network.

My question is, how has it been allowed to go on this long?

In the United States, this is a touchy subject, but it’s one that all of us should be talking about because if we don’t, this cancer is just going to get worse.

We all want our freedom of speech and privacy and you can bet these cheap hoodlums spreading propaganda in the United States will hire some shyster lawyers to “protect” their first amendment rights.

None of us want “the government” looking into our conversations on cellular, social media or other communications.

But Twitter isn’t the government, so don’t you think that anytime those red flags pop up regarding ISIS propaganda, we should praise Twitter in cutting off potential disasters.

There are those people here in the United States who will not, under any circumstances, allow their First Amendment rights violated.  So even though an enemy of the United States is operating in this country, citizens will not allow that right altered.

I get that. I don’t want it either, but something has to be done to eradicate ISIS from communicating and staging attacks.

We have to make it as difficult for them as possible to operate and it appears that Twitter might be their preferred method of communication.

These are short, 140-word messages that carry code, usually acronyms, that can be deciphered by proper intelligence people.

I’ve said this before as well, the propaganda must be reversed. If we don’t want our First Amendment rights violated, then we should push anti-ISIS propaganda like we did anti-communist propaganda to Cuba in the early 1960s.

There’s nothing illegal about that and it’s obvious that young people are easily “programmed” by the promise of paradise.

OK, if paradise is ducking daily bombing raids, hunger, authoritarian leadership, being in a trap, being confused about what the mission really is and watching your leaders get blasted into a million pieces, then I guess the Dictionary definition must be incorrect.

Military reports sometimes surface regarding the damage that is being done to ISIS. And the media, much like having Hillary Clinton already pegged as president, continue to tell the public ISIS is getting stronger and gaining ground.

That’s not true, at least according to my sources, which I can assure you, are rock solid.

Barracks are being destroyed, more than 200 oil convoys have been blown into oblivion, financial houses are now rubble, so most of those black market U.S. dollars are gone, construction equipment and the operators, have been bombed, fierce fire fights are happening on the ground and ISIS fighters are dying on the battlefield like flies being hit with DDT.

Maybe we should do like we did in Vietnam and measure success by body count. As an example, 2,500 ISIS fighters were killed in the month of December. You’d think that month after month of this relentless harrasment like that, ISIS would get the message.

And now we’re on to their communication strategy which I’m sure they thought was a way to circumvent phone taps.

With what I just laid out, anyone in leadership, in any military organization, good or bad, would have to be worried. How can you successfully function when you are being systematically destroyed?

Let’s push the propaganda and push it hard. The United States has done it before with a lot of success. These people don’t hold a candle to Soviet intelligence.

This is war whether you want to admit it or not and we need to show potential ISIS recruits what’s in store for them should they join up with this farce of a revolution and get carpet bombed into oblivion.