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Thefts from garages and vehicles at Donnybrook put residents on edge

Several of the 70 or so residents of Donnybrook say they’re now locking their doors at night after intruders entered garages and vehicles around town during the early morning hours of August 15th.

Posted 8/24/11 (Wed) read more »

Calls for ambulance run about one a week

“It’s not all blood,” said Carol Kilene about her volunteer service for the Berthold Ambulance. “People are so afraid and they tell me, ‘I just can’t handle blood,’ but 95 percent of our runs are not blood. They’re for someone who is sick or needs a ride to the hospital or has fallen and broken a bone or they just don’t feel good.”

Posted 8/18/11 (Thu) read more »

Survey of businesses says 73% want Kenmare to be smoke-free

Members of the Kenmare Tobacco-Free Coalition were encouraged by the response to a survey of Kenmare Association of Commerce members about support for a community smoke-free ordinance.

Posted 8/18/11 (Thu) read more »

City approves tax incentives to Annabelle Commercial and Gooseneck Implement

Property development was the primary subject of discussion and action at the Kenmare City Council meeting Monday evening.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Curfew imposed to stop nighttime street roaming and vandalism

Minors who violate Kenmare’s curfew hours could find themselves headed to Minot for an appearance in juvenile court or even a stay in the juvenile detention center.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Volunteers clean up mess at Mouse River Park while looking ahead to next year

Two strands of barbed wire strung across the east entrance to Mouse River Park were taken down Saturday, August 13th.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Berthold Ambulance will pay for all EMT training for volunteers

The Berthold Ambulance Service is looking for men and women willing to volunteer their time to help their community, first to complete an EMT training course offered by Community Ambulance in Minot and then to serve the community for at least one year on the ambulance.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Pizza is favorite meal at Kenmare School

Kenmare Public School head cook Barb Henderson faces a challenge every day as she and her staff prepare meals for the district’s 300 students at a cost of $2.50 per meal, including the 30 cents charged for a carton of milk. “I try to please them with stuff they know, stuff they like and stuff they’re familiar with,” she said.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Hot lunch committee works to improve school meals program

Parents from the Kenmare PTA and the Kenmare Public School kitchen staff met with the school board’s Hot Lunch Committee in an August 3rd session that was contentious at times as the two sides discussed their differences over the school’s meal program.

Posted 8/17/11 (Wed) read more »

Tolley's "village" Post Office operation goes back 106 years

The 21st-century concept of the Village Post Office, suggested by the U.S. Postal Service as a way to conduct business efficiently, is already familiar to thousands of rural customers who are served by some of the 3,653 retail offices recently proposed for closing, including patrons of the Tolley Post Office.

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