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3 new businesses to fill store space on west side

Three new businesses are moving into the west side of the downtown square in Kenmare and it is expected that all three will be operational sometime in June.

4/02/14 (Wed)

New stores commit to west side... Sometime in June, it is expected the south end stores of the west side development will be ready to be occupiped by a coffee shop, a fitness center and a furniture store. The north end of the west side commercial development already houses the Kenmare Drug, One Stop women's and children's clothing, First District Health clinic and Spin City Laundry and Tanning. 

By Marvin Baker

With three new tenants committed to opening store fronts in downtown Kenmare, the West Side Square is expected to be fully operational sometime in June.

A restaurant, a furniture store and a fitness center will grace the south side of the square, according to Kenmare Community Development Corp., Executive Director Jennifer Nelson.

“The furniture store will take two spots next to the drug store and the restaurant will be on the south end,” Nelson said. “We didn’t have a lot of interest through the winter but didn’t have a lot to show people. Lately, there’s been a lot of interest.”

Nelson said she isn’t sure if a recent segment on KXMC-TV in Minot may have spurred some interest, or if it was an ad that was running on the Bisman Online web site.

Regardless, the interest spiked and the spots were quickly filled.

Cassie Golde will be operating a coffee shop and will be the plaza’s south side anchor.

Golde hasn’t chosen a name for her business yet, but added she will feature bagels, muffins and cupcakes and anticipates having bagel sandwiches and two soups available daily.

Golde said she originally had intentions of opening a coffee shop in the plaza, but after her father passed away about a year ago, she moved to Watford City, where she grew up, to be with her mother.

“I later talked to Jamie (Livingston) and it was taken,” Golde said. “But that person backed out and it was mine again. I guess it happened for a reason.”

Ralph Kay will be occupying two of the spaces as a complete furniture store.

Kay told The Kenmare News he isn’t sure when Kay’s Furniture will open, but he did say that the store will feature the Ashley brand of furniture.

He hopes to have the furniture store open by June or July. His intention is to keep prices of all items in the store competitive with other furniture stores in the region.

“We’ll be competitive with I Keating furniture,” Kay said. “I want to keep it that way so people don’t have to go to Minot anymore.”

Kay is looking forward to getting started in Kenmare and following a walk through on Thursday, said a lot of work on the structure remains.

Boom Fitness is the third occupant and will be sandwiched between Kay’s Furniture and Cassie’s Coffee Shop.

Spokesperson Kari Zimmermann didn’t return phone calls, however, a Facebook page for Boom Fitness shows a variety of work out equipment such as free weights and treadmills. Zimmermann operates a similar business in Stanley.

According to Nelson, reasonable rental rates have been an incentive for filling the retail space. She said the tenants’ rental amounts are based on taxes, insurance and snow removal.

The addition of new lighting and sidewalks should further enhance the downtown area, according to Nelson.

“The goal was to add retail and we’ve certainly done that and it will help with tax revenue,” Nelson said. “And it looks great to have brand new buildings on one side of the square...” Read EVERY WORD on EVERY PAGE of The Kenmare News by subscribing--online or in print!