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2014 Greenwing Day

August 2, 2014

Located at the Boat Docks area of the Des Lacs Refuge (7 miles north & west of Kenmare).


The schedule features several hands-on stations covering outdoor topics for kids. Large groups are encouraged to pre-register by calling 385-4367, 240-9008 or 340-5903.

Free & Open to all kids up to age 17 (parents are also welcome to attend and are recommended for young children) - Held at the Boat Docks (7 miles north and west of Kenmare) - Register at 9:00 am. Activities end before 1:30 pm. A bus will provide rides from the Kenmare High School parking lot at 8:30 am and returning between 1:45 - 2:00 pm.

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Archery is a hit with Greenwing Day participants.

Nothing like a scavenger hunt at Greenwing Day.

Greenwing Day is sponsored by Kenmare GooseFest, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service,
North Dakota Game & Fish, Ducks Unlimited, 
Kenmare Veteran's Club, Inc.,
City of Kenmare, and Kenmare Public Schools.

Talkin' turkey at Greenwing Day near Kenmare.

The Report All Poachers (RAP) Trailer receives plenty
of attention during Greenwing Day at Kenmare.



  • Making the shot! Image
    Making the shot!
  • Getting set Image
    Getting set
  • Beginners at archery Image
    Beginners at archery
  • Confident archers Image
    Confident archers
  • Young wardens check the spread Image
    Young wardens check the spread
  • Goose hunter
    Goose hunter "arrested"
  • Jr. wardens with deer hunters Image
    Jr. wardens with deer hunters
  • Illegal hunters caught! Image
    Illegal hunters caught!
  • Naming fry from the hatchery Image
    Naming fry from the hatchery
  • Setting an effective decoy spread Image
    Setting an effective decoy spread
  • Matching up the pelts Image
    Matching up the pelts
  • Fur identification Image
    Fur identification
  • Waterfowl identification Image
    Waterfowl identification