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Upside Down Under

By Marvin Baker, a new weekly column in The Kenmare News


The Kenmare News online

Posted 3/26/14 (Wed)

If you are a snowbird living in California, Arizona, Texas or Florida and have become frustrated with delivery of your Kenmare News, I think I might have the answer for you.

Since July 2013, The Kenmare News has offered a digital subscription service that provides you with the newspaper exactly as it is in print. The only difference is, you’ll receive it every week, on schedule, unless the power is out.

We get phone calls from people, most often in southern states, who don’t get their newspaper; or they’ll get four copies at once, sometimes the newspaper is torn to shreds, and of course, it’s always the story you want to read most, and worse yet, your neighbor brings it to you after it is delivered to his house.

The digital edition of The Kenmare News can circumvent all of that.

But if you are still reluctant to try it, consider this.

You can make the newspaper page bigger or smaller on your computer screen, depending on how you like to read it.

As for myself, I hate to admit I’m aging, but my eyes aren’t as good as they once were, so I like to zoom in and read the pages in large type. The larger the computer screen, the easier it is to read.

Canadian residents living near the border who would like to see what is going on in Kenmare, can easily subscribe to the digital edition. If they stop in to town, they’ll pick up a printed copy, but don’t subscribe because mailing it across the international boundary is expensive first, then it’s mailed from here to Ottawa and back when the recipient probably lives less than 100 miles away. By the time they get the paper, the week’s ads will have expired.

Now, anyone living in the prairie provinces, or any state beyond North Dakota can subscribe to our newspaper for the same price it costs those of us who live in state, $35. If you want the convenience of time consistency, but are one of those people, like all journalists who love the smell of ink, for an additional $15, you can get both.

Then, you can read what’s going on at home and if there is an article about your grandchildren you’d like to clip and save, when the physical paper arrives, you can do that too.

Our digital service also gives an advantage to those who have a need to see the news first.

As soon as the pages leave the newsroom for the printing press on Tuesday afternoon, we are posting the pages online. When we started doing this, we entered the posting date as the next day, which is Wednesday, our publication date.

Oddly, the pages post almost immediately and although it’s a glitch in our system, if you have an online subscription, you could be reading tomorrow’s newspaper today.

That can work really well for locals who are concerned about announcements, obituaries, big sales at local retail outlets and the like. In a way, the digital version of The Kenmare News takes the place of radio, but you don’t have to listen to those screechy Mariah Carey songs five times a day.

All kidding aside, it’s the same newspaper, it’s consistent, it’s easy to read and unfortunately, as postage goes up, that cost is passed on to the consumer. It’s easier to tow the line on a price increase with a digital edition. Just by switching over to digital, you save $5, which is considered postage added on to pay for marginal delivery service.

If that lack of service continues to haunt you, we can provide yet another advantage to get the newspaper to our subscribers.

If you don’t get your physical newspaper mailed to you, and don’t have a digital subscription, send us your e-mail address, and if we have your subscription information in our database, we’ll get a digital copy out to you at no extra cost to you, the reader.

Our web site is designed to provide “teasers” about what is going on in the Kenmare area. It can give you an idea of events in the community but can never replace the current edition of the newspaper. The web site is considered a promotional tool, while the online edition of The Kenmare News is a full and complete newspaper.

So consider a digital edition. For more information, log on to ( and read a sample digital edition. I’m sure you’ll like it.

The only disadvantage I can see about this is the dog won’t be able to put the rolled-up paper in its mouth and bring it to your easy chair.