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Hello Kenmare

Posted 7/10/14 (Thu)

By Kalynn Brazeal

The boxes are unpacked and the walls are decorated with more masculine flare than I would like but we have settled into Kenmare.

Our family of four (plus one spoiled furry child) is extremely excited to join the Kenmare community.

We have been steadily moving in for the past two weeks and have to be honest, the amount of rain the Kenmare area has gotten lately is reminding me of Belize.

A former military family, we are very familiar with moving for work as my husband served our country. After ten years, we further honed those packing skills as his career in oil and gas continued to relocate us.

This move is special to us as it gives our family the ability to put down roots and really connect with a community.

Originally from a small town in Northern Louisiana, I carry a trace of my drawl still.

This is according to the sweet lady yesterday who asked me to write down my order because she could not understand what I was saying.

We’ve lived by the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, sweated half to death in the extreme South Texas heat, dodged tornados and Texas Longhorn fans in Oklahoma, we learned to ski living in Idaho and most recently we realized that you can’t freeze to death in -30 degree weather while living in Montana.

Armed with degrees in both Business and Human Resources, I have worked mainly in large corporate companies so the idea of joining The Kenmare News is an exciting experience for me.

This allows me to combine my passion for writing with my desire to work in the community where I live.

Most recently I worked as a contract recruiter assisting companies in hiring engineers and oil/gas technicians.

Before that I gained experience in many fields as our family moved to accommodate the military. I have been a deputy of the court for a District Court in Texas. I have raised funds for nonprofit associations such as Chambers of Commerce and Boys & Girls Clubs. I wrote and edited textbooks for the military to use to teach basic public speaking skills.

I like to think I am a jack of all trades; maybe one day, I’ll be a master of one.

I am a wife of seventeen years to my husband, Dave and we are blessed with two daughters ages 15 and 11.

Murphy the furry child can often be seen barking excitedly from my car window as we run our errands around town. Forgive him, he has no manners.

Weekends will surely find us outside as we love to hunt, fish, hike and play any sport that involves a ball. We have started to explore the areas around Kenmare such as the hiking trail south of town that found us underneath the golf course.

I’ll go ahead and apologize to the driver of the red pickup truck who was kind enough to not hit me when I ran out onto the road, the sheer amount of ticks I was hosting distracted me.

I belong to several organizations that are near and dear to my heart.

First being I am a Lion and I am looking forward to becoming active with the Kenmare Chapter.

Softball is a passion of mine so I enjoy coaching younger teams.

I enjoy volunteering with my church and organizations for women such as Domestic Violence programs.

So to better introduce myself I thought I would share five random facts:

• I send over 5,000 texts a month. (I’m worse than a teenager.)

• I am Gluten Free which means no wheat in my diet ever, thanks to an allergy.

• I talk to my mother once a day.

• I once accidently interviewed at a mink farm and left crying after listening to them scream.

• Finally, yellow is my favorite color but I never wear it.

Long story short, I’m really looking forward to serving the community here at The Kenmare News. God Bless.