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Who's the Top Shot Chef?

Posted 10/01/13 (Tue)

One of the things I’ve liked best about Kenmare’s GooseFest is the way the committee seeks to improve the festival and include more people of all ages.

I’ve been around for half of GooseFest’s life, and in those 13 years the festival added a full day to the schedule, changed the set-up for the Chili Cook-Off, and added the Two-Person Fun Shoot, a movie matinee, the Shopping Spree before Ladies’ Night Out, and the Sportsmen’s Swap.

I miss the “Goose on the Loose” promotion, and after 23 years, the beloved Wild Game Feed had to be discontinued, according to First District Health Unit inspectors, but otherwise the festival has grown with tremendous support from residents, businesses and guests.

The statement at the top of the official poster remains true: GooseFest has something for Everyone! If you’re bored in Kenmare that week--October 19-26 this year--it’s your own fault.

Now comes something new for the 25-year-old program:

The Top Shot Chef Showdown.

Except you don’t have to shoot anything or be a trained “chef”.

The goal is to focus on the family-friendly atmosphere of Wednesday night, one of the major gatherings for the week, both for the meal and the Goose Hunters Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Food always attracts a crowd, especially good food, and Kenmare brims with talented cooks. So, why not bring those folks together with their special recipes and serve it as one tasty meal complete with the apple pies prepared from scratch by the “Pie Ladies”?

With the volunteer cooks ALL in the running for a $500 cash prize.

That’s right--$500. Second place receives $300 and third gets $200.

And with the limit of 18 teams--18 electric roasters in action--odds are 1 in 6 for claiming a prize.

Even better, everyone who comes to eat at the Top Shot Chef Showdown gets one vote, which makes this a wide-open contest.

Read more details in the ad seen in today’s Corner Market or the article on page 7. Basically, you have to prepare one roaster full of your favorite meat, main dish, side dish or appetizer--with space available to cook at the Memorial Hall that day.

ANYONE can enter, for a $50 fee you get back once you start serving. Male, female, teams, individuals, any age as long as you can read a list of ingredients and handle a spatula.

You don’t have to worry about keeping the “goose” in GooseFest, because there are no required ingredients. Just cook up YOUR favorite dish for a crowd and come try your luck at the Showdown.

Registration is limited to those 18 teams, though, so sign up early. Dinner will be served October 23rd and the first GooseFest Top Shot Chef will be crowned. It could be you!