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Vote for Kenmare Wheels & Meals . . .

Posted 9/17/13 (Tue)

So maybe the best news around town you haven’t heard yet is this:

Kenmare Wheels & Meals, Inc. is in the running for national recognition.

Even better, that recognition would come with a $10,000 award that could be--has to be--spent directly on services provided by the organization.

And you, no matter where you live, can help make that happen.

The Kenmare Wheels, Meals and Home Care Deal has been selected as North Dakota’s finalist in the 50 States for Good program sponsored by the company Tom’s of Maine, which plans to give $10,000 to the top 15 finalists who rally votes on Facebook.

Wheels & Meals program director Linda Freeman is thrilled by the prospect. She submitted an application earlier this summer and then found out Wheels & Meals was chosen by a panel of judges.

Next week’s issue of The Kenmare News will include more details about the 50 States for Good initiative and the reasons why Linda believes Kenmare Wheels & Meals was chosen from other entries in North Dakota, but the important thing right now is that voting started Monday on Facebook and continues until October 15th.

Linda admitted she’s not a frequent Facebook user herself, but she’s learning more about the social network. She’s really hoping all of you who stop by Facebook often will take a moment or two each day for the next month and vote for Kenmare Wheels & Meals, then share the link with others.

Here’s what you have to do. Visit the 50 States for Good webpage at or, where you can read more about the overall program and click on any state to read about its finalist in the program.

You will also see a link to vote for one of those finalists. You can only vote once a day, but every vote brings the Kenmare program closer to one of the 15 $10,000 awards.

As Linda explained to me, Kenmare Wheels & Meals, Inc., benefits folks in a three-county region, serving the needs of (primarily) elderly residents in Burke, Renville and the northern portion of Ward counties. The goal of the meal, transit and home care services is to keep people living in their own homes as long as possible.

Like she said, if you ask a room full of folks ages 50 to 65 how they envision their futures, over 95 percent of them will say they want to live with their own houses, vehicles, yards and stuff while they are able to do so.

Achieving that goal takes some effort through community programs like Wheels & Meals, which isn’t exactly rolling in revenue. Linda does an amazing job securing grants and funding each year without overdoing local fundraisers.

Right now, though,  she is asking for help. A couple of clicks every day, just to show your support for Kenmare Wheels & Meals.

Vote now and tell your friends.