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Look at now . . .

Posted 8/06/13 (Tue)

If you haven’t looked at Kenmare in cyberspace yet, set this column aside for a few minutes and go to the Kenmare homepage at right now.

The Kenmare News had a website before we moved here in 2000, and I learned about you and the community by reading several articles posted at that time. A couple of feature articles were uploaded each week, along with a few photos. GooseFest information was also available then, along with other tidbits about Kenmare and the surrounding area, mostly copied from the old Visitor’s Guides.

We drastically changed the website in 2009 to expand the feature articles and photo archives. We also started posting job openings and real estate listings then, along with additional information from the city and, of course, all the GooseFest news and information that hunters requested. That “new” website allowed us to create several links between and among the pages, so it was easier to jump from page to page to find a related story or the GooseFest schedule or some other type of information.

However, web and graphic design are not my specialties, so when Jennifer Nelson was hired as the executive director for the Kenmare Community Development Corporation and then asked me if we could update the website a little, I could have hugged her.

Jennifer does have an education and experience working in web design, and she has taken the website to a whole new level.

First of all, the home page looks entirely professional. Gone are the pop-up ads that I couldn’t control before and the clusters of text I posted with links.

Instead, you’ll see stylized photos of Kenmare people and locations as links to the major components of the site--the city, the KCDC, the Association of Commerce, The Kenmare News and GooseFest.

You can also see the weather, a list of community events and links to the most recent features published in the newspaper.

Click on any of the photos, and you’ll discover more information immediately useful for you.

Want to find out who to contact about your water bill or see who’s a member of the Airport Authority Board? Check out the “City of Kenmare” page.

Interested in starting a new bakery in town or finding the median age of Kenmare residents? Look at the “Development Corporation” tab.

Want to host a Business After Hours event or find the phone number for a day care provider? You’ll see that on the “Association of Commerce” page.

Of course, The Kenmare News page provides the same great access to feature stories, job and real estate listings and this column like it always has, but now you can also subscribe to our new online edition there. You’ll find details at the “Subscribe” link.

And, of course, the “GooseFest” pages are loaded with stories and photos from past years, with the schedule to be updated this week for the 25th annual GooseFest celebration this October.

But just don’t take my word for it. Go explore the website for yourself and find something out about Kenmare you never knew before--then share it with your friends by email or Facebook!

One slogan used for Kenmare over the years has been “Kenmare, If Anywhere.” The new site now welcomes anyone anywhere to town!