Kenmare ND - Class Gatherings

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Class Gatherings                      

If your class is planning to have a get-together and you would like it published on this website, please contact Rita or Missy so it can be added to the schedule.

Friday, July 8th

Class of 1962 will be meeting at 4:00 pm at the Gazebo in the Park.

Class of 1970 will be meeting at 6:00 pm at M&K Pizza.

Class of 1995 will be meeting at 6:00 pm at M&K Pizza.

St. Agnes will be meeting at 7:00 pm at M&K Pizza.

Saturday, July 9th

Class of 1960 - Meet at the Heritage Center (Old Methodist Church) at 2:00 PM.

Class of 1965 -  Happy Hour at Jim & Lori Nelsons starting at 4:00 PM, located across the street fromthe Kenmare High School. 215 7th Ave NE.

Class of 1966 - Bring a chair and meet in the SE corner of the Park after the parade.

Class of 1969 - Meet at Larry & Judy Nore's house from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.

Class of 1971 & 1972 starting after the parade until 6:00 pm will be meeting at Arlen & Elaine Gartners house, please bring your own chair.

Class of 1973 meet at Steve & Sharlet Jensen's after the parade.

Class of 1975-1976-1977  meeting all day at the Kenmare Country Club.

Class of 1994 will be meeting at Kenmare Country Club.