Kenmare ND - City Government

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City Government

The Kenmare City Council is made up of seven individuals who live within the city limits of Kenmare, and are elected or appointed to their position. The council consists of one Mayor and six aldermen (council members) who are voted in by the residents of Kenmare.  The aldermen are then broken into committees of three with one chair for different topics of the city. The Kenmare City Council meets every second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Kenmare City Hall. 

Mayor - Arlen Gartner
President - Jim Burud
Vice President - Miles Mibeck
Alderman - Tammy Knutson
Alderman - Justin Patterson
Alderman - Duane Dockter
Alderman - 

Kenmare City Council Committees

Water-Sewer                                                             Garbage-Landfill-Grounds
Miles Mibeck - Chair                                                 Miles Mibeck - Chair
Duane Dockter                                                           Duane Dockter
Justin Patterson                                                          Jim Burud

Buildings-Equipment                                               Health-Beautification
Jim Burud- Chair                                                        - Chair
Duane Dockter                                                           Justin Patterson
Tammy Knutson                                                         Miles Mibeck

Streets-Walks-Alleys                                                 Personnel-Ways-Means-Finance
-Chair                                                                          Jim Burud - Chair
Tammy Knutson                                                           Tammy Knutson
Justin Patterson                                                             

City Attorney - Jacob Maxson

Maxson Law Office, P.C.
320 16th Street NW
Minot, ND 58703
Phone: 866-606-9354
Fax: 701-852-8782






City Engineer- Aaron Fornshell

1907 17th Street Southeast
ND, Minot 58701
(701) 837-8737